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What is a...

Arrival:  Point in time when vehicle or group reaches a certain point.

A Stop:  Point of interest where the group loads or unloads the coach.

Charter:  Rental of vehicle and driver to a client at a predetermined location to complete a prescribed transportation service.

Depart(ure):  Time when a vehicle or group leaves a location.

Double (Run): The same vehicle and driver is used to service two groups at two different times in the same day.

Escort:   A person who accompanies a group and works as a leader and coordinator.

End of Service:  Time when a driver is official off-duty and work responsibilities end.

Itinerary:  Timeline of route and/or trips events.

Lay-over:  Long period of time at a location without usage of vehicle or driver.

Load:  Time assigned to allow passengers (and luggage) to enter a vehicle.

Off-Duty:  Time when a driver has no official responsibilities.  Amount of time is regulated by federal government.

Pick-Up:  A location where a group is loaded into a vehicle.

Shuttle: A vehicle and driver used in a repeating route, providing transportation from one location to another at a set time.

Stage:  When a vehicle is held at a certain location in ready, other than the pick-up point.

Transfer:  The movement of people from one point to another with few amenities. Associated with transportation to and from an airport.

Conditions and Terms

Quote(s): Are given to clients and customer and reflect the cost of a charter.

Quote(s) are good for 60 days from time of issue. Changes to a trips itinerary void a quote and subject the customer to additional charges.

Proposals: Are used to provide a customer an idea of the transportation cost for a trip. Normally proposal(s) used for trip(s) being planned more than 6 months in the future.

Proposal(s) will not become quote(s) until a final itinerary is submitted and the trip is within a reasonable timeframe of departure. 

Rain Checks: Carr’s Motorcoach does not offer Rain Checks for any trip after departure. 

Itinerary: An itinerary may be required prior to a quote being made ready to a customer. An Itinerary may also be required prior to a trips departure.

Deposit: A deposit is due 21 days before departure. Failure to make a deposit for a trip will result in that charter/trip being cancelled.

Final Payment: A final payment is due 10 days before departure. Failure to make a payment will result in that charter/trip being cancelled.

Cancellation: Minimum cancellation fee is $25.00. A cancellation fee of $100.00 if cancellation is made 20 to 10 days before trip departure. No refund will be given if cancellation is made after 10 days before trip departure.

Refusal of Service: Carr’s Motorcoach reserves the right to refuse service to passengers under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. Any passenger who’s behavior puts other passengers in danger. Any passenger who interferes with a driver and his ability to perform his duties.